Return to Earth hits small screens in Australia now! And you can watch Brett Rheeders segment right here.

Missed a premiere of Anthill Films masterpiece ‘Return to Earth’? Sweat it no more, it’s now available across a multitude of streaming services so you can take in all it’s epicness from the comfort of your couch.

Nine films deep, Anthill know what it takes to inspire and Return to Earth is their crowning moment. The film is a visual feast filled with segments that each capture a different way that the bike can immerse riders in the present moment. Of course, the riders involved are some of the worlds best… If you don’t want to power down, leave your phone on the table and hit the trail after you watch it, you mighta missed the point. The kids’ segment at Whistler had us reminiscing about the freedom of youth, and those long, summer days when riding your bike was the only thing on the agenda. Remember that? Before adulting kicked in? Yeah, me neither….

“These days, it feels like we are becoming more and more disconnected from the natural world and distracted from the things that really matter. We believe that the bike can be a powerful tool to help counter this. We’re hoping the film connects with audiences and can help inspire new riders to get out on a bike.”

Anthill Director and Producer Darcy Wittenburg.

To get you in the mood, Brett Rheeders segment just dropped online. Watch and get stoked. Serving suggestion would be; bail on work early and get comfy, watch, get stoked and go ride Worth every cent of the $15.99 on iTunes!

Grab it on iTunes here or Vimeo ondemand here.