When Intense announced industry stalwart and suspension ace Devon Sullivan was going to be joining the design and engineering team, we knew big things were coming.

Last year’s HP1 was just a small part of the new Intense downhill bike development story. The HP1 we saw Aaron Gwin  and Dakotah Norton shredding on was always meant to be just a stepping stone to something greater… the new M279 HP6. There’s already been quite a large amount of interest in the bike, so they figured it would be a good idea to get some insights and some of the facts in place.

Aaron Gwin Val di Sole, Italy on September 03, 2022 // Bartek Wolinski / Red Bull Content Pool

It’s been awesome working with Devon and he’s really been what we needed to bridge that gap between riders and the brand as far as product development goes. Jeff (Steber, INTENSE founder and CEO) and I started discussing hiring a ‘race engineer’ a few years ago that would primarily be focused on the team and the downhill bike. It was super important for us to find the right person who we felt like really understood how downhill bikes and suspension worked together.”

Aaron Gwin

With the M279 HP6 being a high pivot 6-Link design, there’s a lot going on, so Devon comes to the rescue with some insights into the M279’s direction.
Our M279 HP6 is the result of a close understanding of the current competitive landscape, race circuit, and suspension characteristics. We set out to make a bike that can win races at any level. While remaining fun and comfortable at the bike park. This involved detailed analysis of everything from single pivot to true 6-Bar. Each of those tends to offer strengths and weaknesses. Great for certain aspects and bike categories. This 6-Link high pivot provided us with the most neutral combination of kinematics for modern DH racing.”
Devon Sullivan