Seriously cool kids rigs!

No longer are kids bikes just an afterthought for manufacturers. Brands are coming out with some amazing designs and innovations tailored specifically to fit kids and to amplify their abilities, confidence and potential out on the trails.

From tiny 12” balance bikes, through to 27.5” wheeled machines that you’d have swapped a kidney for in a flash back in the day…

So if your little human is getting into riding, or perhaps it’s time to upgrade their current set of wheels, there certainly has never been a better time as you’ll be spoilt for choice with options.

Here’s our guide to 6 of the best kids bikes for 2022. 

Giant ‘Pre’

Giant have nailed this balance bike! It’s the perfect blend of light weight but still nice and sturdy meaning kids find it very easy to ride. It features 12” wheels, a grippy foot board, innovative ‘resin’ forks. 

RRP: $279


Transition Ripcord

24” wheels, 100mm travel both ends, burly alloy frame, super impressive component spec from RockShox/SRAM

RRP: $2999


Canyon Spectral Young Hero

XXS frame sizing, alloy tubing throughout and lovely construction, 27.5” wheels, 150mm/140mm travel.  

RRP: $2799


Rocky Mountain Reaper 24

Alloy frame with ‘RIDE-9’ adjustable geo, 24” wheels, 120mm travel fork, 130mm travel rear. 

RRP: $3499


Norco Fluid FS

Burly alloy frame, 20” wheels, 120mm travel front, 100mm travel rear. 

RRP: $2399


Commencal Clash Kids

Beautifully engineered alloy frame, 24” wheels, 145mm travel both ends, dropper post. 

RRP: $4699