The Science of Send: Norco release their 2020 Sight platform

Welcome to 2020… The all-new Norco Sight is a making some big claims in All-Mountain performance for the year ahead. Redesigned from the ground up, across two wheel sizes and even kids sized variants, their 150mm rig is the epitome of versatility.

When the Canadian company set out to re-design their most popular full suspension bike, they wanted to make a significant change in what riders expected from All-Mountain – so their engineering department created an entirely new way to design a bike.

Watch Blenki shred the new 2020 Sight!

They call it Ride Aligned, and the Sight is the ultimate application of this new design system that’s found throughout the 2020 Norco lineup, including the most recently released Optic short-travel trail bike.

Ride Aligned frame geometry places the rider’s centre of gravity both seated and standing at an optimum position for ideal weight distribution between the wheels for maximum grip and control.

By evolving their Gravity Tune concept to consider the rider’s centre of gravity, and considering vast amounts of anthropomorphic data to optimize each frame size, the engineers created a consistent weight distribution at the contact patch across the entire size range for riders of every build. By carefully selecting reach and seat tube angles along with precise steering geometry, they created the Sight’s distinct mix of crisp, confident handling and maximum grip.

Identifying the precise location of the center of gravity also allowed the engineers to optimize the new Sight’s suspension kinematics for every rider on their ideal frame, and created the Ride Aligned Bike Setup Guide app to make the most of every detail integrated into the design.

The results? The Sight delivers maximum front and rear wheel grip on climbs and descents, maintains momentum and cadence in technical situations, and allows the suspension to move freely without absorbing drivetrain energy. This creates an All-Mountain experience that feels dynamic under rider input and provides a confident, stable chassis when charging through rough terrain.

The 2020 Sight is available in four complete carbon and three complete aluminium models. Carbon frames feature a carbon front triangle and two-piece carbon seatstays for maximum tire clearance, with robust aluminium chainstays for added stiffness and suspension precision. The aluminium frames are engineered to offer a consistent ride quality throughout the entire Sight range.

Riders can choose either 27.5” or 29” wheel models in a complete size range – each featuring the very same suspension kinematics and ride characteristics with 150mm of rear and 160mm of front All-Mountain travel.

New for 2020 is the Sight Youth 27.5 for young riders seeking a rippin’ bike that offers all the Ride Aligned technology, handling and quality of the adult Sight, but is engineered with a more compliant aluminium frame, youth-tuned suspension components, and SDG Jr. touch points.

The 2020 Sight Aluminium will be available at Norco dealers in November. All carbon models are scheduled to arrive in December.

The Line-up and Recommended retail pricing in Australia is:

Sight C1 | RRP $7,999

Sight C2 | RRP $6,499

Sight A1 | RRP $5,799

Sight A1 W | RRP $5,799

Sight A2 | RRP $4,799

Sight A2 W | RRP $4,799

Sight A3 | RRP $3,599

Sight Junior 27.5 | RRP $3,599

Learn more about the 2020 Norco Sight at: