Urban Freeride Lives 3 – Huck to flat with Fabio Wibmer

OK, Fabio has proven time and time again he’s got the skills, and the production team to blow our minds with whats possible on two wheels. His remake of the epic Rendez-vous film is nothing short of epic.

Redefining urban free rides alongside the likes of Danny MacAskill, a hero of Fabios to say the least. He’s sent it off so much, so big, at warp speed, and at times it’s almost surreal. Especially as it looks so effortless. His latest edit is just as mind blowing, shredding the streets of Lyon and Paris, utilising everything from curbs to massive double sets. It takes a second watch to even understand the consequences of messing up on some of his lines…

Though its his hitting the infamous 25 set in Lyon, to flat no less is just makes me shake my head. That he rode out of it and at how much my wrists/shoulders/knees/ankles ache at the thought of this! Sit down, focus and prepare for another wild ride!