Canyon launch newly redesigned Neuron AL & Neuron Young Hero models

Canyon have been busy working on a number of new bikes (so we’ve been told by reliable sources) and today they’re lifting the lid on the first of their early season releases.

In recent years the Canyon ‘Neuron’ has become a super popular do-it-all trail bike with incredible bang-for-ya-buck value at all spec levels, and the good news is that there’s new fully redesigned Neuron AL (alloy) hitting the market which is being offered in 3 totally different frame guises; men’s, woman’s and youth!

Here’s the official word from Canyon Bikes:

It is the definitive all-round full-suspension mountain bike efficient enough for big days with plenty climbing, and with 130 mm of travel, also capable enough to tackle technical trails. And it just got even better for 2020 inheriting a range of design features and technologies from its big brother, the multi award-winning carbon fibre Neuron CF.

A classic mountain bike in the truest sense of the word, the aluminium Neuron AL has been one of Canyon’s best sellers for a number of years. And as mountain biking has evolved, the Neuron AL has always evolved along with it, staying at the forefront of trail bike design and technology. And the newest generation now features a range of key technologies which first appeared on last year’s Neuron CR (carbon) and are set to make the new AL bike hugely successful.

Triple Phase Suspension

We’ve now brought our proven triple-phase suspension kinematics to the Neuron AL, for maximum performance throughout the suspension stroke.

Phase 1: The precise positioning of the rear shock and four suspension pivot points provides outstanding sensitivity and responsiveness at the start of the stroke. The shock compresses in an almost-straight line, continuing directly forward from the seatstays.

Phase 2: Through the mid-stroke, at around the sag point, the shock provides a stable platform, letting you put maximum power through the pedals, and exit corners with more speed – without unnecessarily sinking into the suspension travel.

Phase 3: The end of the stroke ramps up progressively, so you only use all 130 mm of travel when the trail demands it – meaning that the suspension works with max efficiency and can always provide that little extra cushion when you need it most. The result: a stable ride that inspires confidence on the toughest descents.

Built To Last

We designed the Neuron AL to keep you on the trail all year round. That’s why we spec long-wearing, industrial grade bearings, protected by extra Axial seals that are incredibly effective at deflecting dirt and water. Our especially wide linkage bearing also keeps the rear triangle stiff and reduces load on the bearings, so your suspension cycles smoothly for years.

Silk smooth

We fine-tuned the Neuron AL’s kinematics to improve small-bump compliance, reduce the bike’s stand-over height, and enhance its manoeuvrability. The new design also features a higher level of anti-squat, making the Neuron AL an even more efficient climber. Finally, the new linkage reduces wear on the bearings, increasing their lifespan.

Clean Cable Routing

Internal cable routing creates a clean, refined look while also protecting cables from dirt and water. The Neuron AL’s shift cables are routed without bends or twists. End result? Improved shifting performance and increased durability.

27.5” or 29”?

Frames in 2XS – S come with 27.5-inch wheels, and M, L and XL sizes feature 29-inch wheels – so everyone can achieve that ideal, sporty-yet-comfortable riding position. And in all sizes, we’ve tweaked the top tube length, chainstay length and head angle to keep you in an optimal, central position on the bike.

Size Matters

When developing the Neuron AL, one of our aims was to make the bike’s character as similar as possible across all models and frame sizes – while making the bike work perfectly for riders of all sizes. To achieve this consistency, we’ve fitted frame-size specific handlebars and stems. And bikes in sizes 2XS – S – with 27.5” wheels – are fitted with forks for 29” wheels. This allowed us to avoid having big differences in handling behaviour across different sizes, which can be caused by varying frame heights and different wheel sizes.

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