Danny MacAskill takes to the skies for the Climate Games

On a day that the Australian Prime Minister announced a plan full of nothing but hot air on it’s approach to (dodging) net-zero (intelligence?) 2030, Danny MacAskill upped the anté with a new edit in collaboration with the tech giant Google to raise awareness of the problems the planet and as a result, all of us face going forwards.

It’s no coincidence that this edit was timed to go live just in time for the COP26 meeting in Danny’s home of scotland. So he goes about debunking climate myths and showcasing just how much of the world’s energy is currently produced from renewable sources in his signature way; 1 trick = 1%. Apparently the fibreglass of the turbine blades is slippery as hell. Nice to know at 260 feet up…

How much of the world’s energy comes from sustainable sources? I’m given free reign at a renewable energy factory to show you exactly how much in the best way I can – with some epic tricks!

Danny MacAskill