Full Travel: GT’s Suspension Development Story Ep. 3

Chapter 3 goes deep into the glory days! Remember the Lobo? i-Drive or DHi, and the world’s first carbon downhill bike?

While thermoplastics didn’t stick around, images of Chris Kovarik on a Lobo and Peaty on a DHi do!

“Sometimes you throw the dart and it doesn’t hit the dartboard”

– Jim Busby.

Jim wasn’t afraid to take a risk with his bikes, but sometimes, the risk wasn’t worth the reward. Jim pushed the boundaries of mountain bike technology even further with the introduction of the Lobo, a thermoplastic composite frame with a lower pivot point. Unfortunately, production technology at that time put limitations on what could be achieved on the racetrack. This led Jim to go back to the drawing board where he came up with the iDrive, a design that would lead the GT team to countless podiums.