How-to corner faster than anyone and look good doing it aka Connor Fearon shredding Rettalack Lodge

How-to vids have usually sent me to sleep. However that just changed. Seems the formula needed some reworking in order to educate, entertain and inspire. This edit above is the blue print. Bringing together a rider capable of making speed out of corners in a style that will never go out of fashion on a bunch of trails that showcase just how epic MTB can be and you have one of this years best video sections. Ah yeah, it’s not a how-to….

Adelaide’s Connor Fearon shreds the shit out of Retallacks private mountain top oasis of trails to the suitably epic Cancer Bats brand of metal mayhem… If you haven’t seen the whole flick yet, check out Steel City Productions epic film Gamble tonight!

‘Go on my son, make it talk!’