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The best flat pedals of 2018

Foot out flat out is the catch cry and for many, the flat pedal is the holy grail for control and fun on a bike.

From the first MTB’s rolling with coaster brakes, through to Shaun Palmer rocking Half Cabs in Cairns back in the 90’s, the flat pedal has a history as solid as it’s feel underfoot. With recent university studies showing that power output on flats is identical to clips and the real world data of Sam Hill dominating the EWS on ’em, it was high time to run through our picks of the flat pedal bunch.


Tech // A true fan favourite, the AE05 pedals feature an CNC machined alloy body, deep concave profile, spinning on a CNC machined cr-moly spindle using a combo of needle bearings and IGUS bushings. Avalible in 5 colours – although 2 of them are black, eh!

Weight // 360grams

Price // $224.99

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Shimano ‘Deore XT’

Tech // Take your pick of 2 ‘body’ sizes; small/medium or medium/large for optimized support and rider-tuned performance. The new XT’s feature a hollowed-out alloy body, a light weight chromoly spindle and ‘cup & cone’ bearings which keep everything spinning smoothly month after month.

Weight // 469grams

Price // $159.95

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Spank ‘Spoon’

Tech // Featuring a thin 14mm CNC machined alloy body, concave for extra grip, with 10 pins per side. A scandium enriched chromoly axle and sealed cartridge bearings. Pedal body available in 3 sizes; small, medium and large!

Weight // 395grams

Price // $139.95

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Raceface ‘Aeffect’

Tech // Everything you want and nothing you don’t need, these pedals sport a 6061-T6 Aluminium body, low profile design, they spin using both cartridge bearings and DU bushings and they’ve got 20 pins per pedal to ensure your feet stay exactly where they should. Also, they’ve even got a hidden grease port for easy maintenance and lasting ‘spin!’

Weight // 375grams

Price // $159.95

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Burgtec ‘MK4 Penthouse’

Tech // These English beauties boasting an oversized solid block alloy platform, 16 large pins to keep your foot planted, and double bush single bearing internals allowing these pedals to spin as smooth as butter.

Weight // 440grams

Price // $199.95

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HT ‘Supreme ANS10’

Tech // HT’s mid-price point flat pedals punch well above their price tag. Designed in conjunction with the super stylish Swedish giant Martin Söderström, the ANS10’s feature an aluminum extruded / CNC machined body, a CNC machined chromoly axle and they spin via a combo of sealed bearings and IGUS bushings.

Weight // 368grams

Price // $154.99

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Deity ‘TMAC’

Tech // Of course these are Tyler McCaul’s Signature Pedal. Their large platform body is created from 6061 T6 aluminum, spinning on a combo of sealed bearings and DU bushings via a chromoly spindle. Available in 7 different colours.

Weight // 409grams

Price // $269.95

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GIANT ‘Pinner DH’

Tech // Another stand out performer, especially considering their price point. Featuring a large body, low profile, forged alloy platform, a heat treated chromoly axle, sealed-bearings and replaceable steel pins which provide truckloads of grip.

Weight // 362grams

Price // $134.95

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DMR ‘Vault MG’

Tech // Crafted from a lightweight extruded Magnesium body which has been CNC machined to size, these pedals also feature a premium chromoly axle fitted with high load DU bushing and cartridge bearings. They also come with a choice between Stud or Bolt pins which can be swapped out in order to fine tune the level of grip.

Weight // 360grams

Price // $149.95

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Tech // These lightweight pedals feature an optimized low profile, large platform AL6061-T6 CNC machined body. Each pedal is fitted with 20 traction pins and they spin using a combo of two sealed bearings and one DU bushing. Available in a bunch of Anodized colours options.

Weight // 355grams

Price // $169.95

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Raceface ‘Chester Composite’

Tech // The secret of these super lightweight, super affordable pedals is their tough as nails Nylon Composite body. On the inside you’re packing a chromoly axle and spin via a combination of durable cartridge bearings and DU bushings. You like colour options? These pedals come in a ton of different pretty tones.

Weight // 349grams

Price // $99.95

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Kona ‘Wah Wah 2’

Tech // Another non-metal option, these fancy pedals in fact feature a fiberglass reinforced composite body with a large platform and ultra-low profile. Nice! To keep your foot in place each pedal packs 14 pins and to keep them spinning smoothly they feature 2 cartridge bearings and 1 needle bearing inside. 

Weight // 352grams

Price // $109.95

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Crank Brothers ‘Stamp 7’

Tech // Featuring a forged 6061-T6 Alloy body with a low profile concaved surface and 20 pins per pedal. On the inside you’ll find a forged chromo axle and IGUS LL-Glide bearings. These pedals are offered in 2 different body sizes; small or large.

Weight // 375grams

Price // $229.95

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ANVL ‘Tilt’ nylon

Tech // These rad pedals utilize a Nylon Fiber Composite body, a tough chromoly axle and spin on 3 cartridge bearings and 1 DU bushing. Each pedal packs 16 pins. They’re also nice and light!

Weight // 300grams

Price // $119.00

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JetBlack ‘Superlight’

Tech // They only weight how much? Featuring a forged alloy body, a chromoly axle, Sealed Bearings and 18 pins per pedal. They’re also available in a heap of colour options.

Weight // 200grams

Price // $120

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DMR ‘V8’

Tech // These classic pedals still perform great and they’re an absolute bloody bargain! Featuring a forged alloy body, a chromo axle and 8 replaceable screw-in studs as well as 12 chrome plated pins per pedal.

Weight // 525grams

Price // $29.95/

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All photos // Tony Nolan