Patty Butler messing around while waiting for the real riding to begin tomorrow.

Mount Sainte Anne World Cup weekend ahoy!

Round six of the 2017 Down Hill World Cup, the first and only stop out of Europe. The home race of Canadian legend Stevie Smith, in which he took one of his most memorable wins of 2013 in the rain.

Revo has shown up to get all the inside details on our own Aussie’s racing this weekend and a finer look at the way the privateers go about a World Cup weekend. All photos by Matt Staggs.

3509 – The classic wave start gate now leads into a questionable detour over the deck of a restaurant.

3520 – Back onto the old track and into the raw stuff.

1219 – This afternoon’s track walk was quite busy with lots of lines unseen between the hoards of riders itching to get their feet on the ground.

1322 – The views over the St Lawrence River certainly make up for the lack of European Alps.

3525 – Out of the first section riders finally had a gap in the crowds to finally see the surface of the track.

3548 – Wide open and rough as guts, these turns will be very tricky from the get go!

3555 – Last years addition is back again, the mega rock roll down isn’t for the faint hearted.

1339 – #LongLiveChainsaw

1315 – Kye A’hern, Ben Dengate and Matt McCorkell ignoring the views and focusing on the fastest section of the season.

3569 – Deep in the lower woods holds a roll down that has created endless mistakes over the recent years.

1382 – The oldest and most rooty part will become greasy if the forecast is true, will it rain?

3577 – “Which way will you scrub?”

1398 – With the finish in sight it’s only one last double to go.

1426 – Patty Butler messing around while waiting for the real riding to begin tomorrow.