Shimano Deore on Vancouver's North Shore, 2020

Shimano release details of 2021 models…

We were sent a press release from Shimano listing a several new 2021 season releases. All of which are available now. Here’s the highlights.

Today Shimano announced the launch of an all new DEORE groupset range which creates a new value price-performance paradigm with trickle down 12-speed mountain bike component technology

The new 2021 Shimano DEORE components deliver a new level of premium performance to the value category by bringing hallmark elite mountain bike technologies to a new price level. Shimano DEORE M6100 is a no-compromise component group, offering a full 510% gear range and all of Shimano’s top 12-speed technological innovations first introduced with XTR M9100. Shimano DEORE also builds on its legacy as a versatile, value-focused group by broadening its ranges with 10- and 11-speed options.

The new Shimano Deore range comprises of 3 levels:

  • DEORE M6100 packs Shimano’s pinnacle 12-speed mountain bike technologies: wide range 10-51T cassette, HYPERGLIDE+ technology, I-SPEC EV, Direct-Mount chainrings, extended inner-link plate chain, and MICRO SPLINE FREEHUB design.
  • DEORE M5100 components build on 11-speed mountain bike drivetrain technologies offering a redesigned rear derailleur, wide range 11-51T cassette, and I-SPEC EV technology.
  • Shimano DEORE M4100 brings value and versatility into the existing 10-speed platform. An 11-46T cassette, I-SPEC EV brakes and shifter options, and a rear derailleur with a 40% price reduction bring expanded capability to 10-speed mountain bikes and provide significant upgrade potential.

Also included in today’s new-season announcement is a brand new set of XTR cranks. Shimano state: The XTR M9130-1 crank brings Shimano’s flagship drivetrain technology to the growing number of mountain bikes using the 56.5mm chain line, which creates greater frame and wheel strength as well as stiffness while greatly reducing restrictions on maximum tire size. A narrow Q factor of 171mm is maintained by using the low-profile arms from FC-M9100, giving riders the benefits of a wider chain line frame without affecting the biomechanics of pedaling. The lightweight, direct-mount crank features Shimano’s signature HOLLOWTECH II crankset design with DYNAMIC CHAIN ENGAGMENT+ chainrings for excellent chain engagement and retention.

There’s also a new ‘larger’ e-Bike battery on the way:

Shimano today announced several new additions to its Shimano STEPS e-bike component line. The company’s largest-ever capacity 630Wh batteries extend rider’s journeys while new 12-speed chainrings and a new computer display create more options for Shimano STEPS system builds.

Shimano has introduced three new e-bike batteries into its Shimano STEPS line-up including internal and external versions of its 630Wh largest capacity batteries for even longer rides.

  • The high-performance BT-E8036 becomes Shimano’s largest integrated e-bike battery with a range-expanding 630Wh capacity.
  • The BT-E8035-L integrated battery yields a 504Wh capacity in a 630 Wh case, creating two battery options for bike manufacturers while utilizing the same battery mount position.
  • Along with the two downtube integrated options, the new 630Wh BT-E8016 becomes Shimano’s largest external battery, featuring a new fitting port, the BM-E8016 battery mount.

Like other Shimano STEPS batteries, the new BT-E8036, BT-E8035-L and BT-E8016 offer an extremely long lifetime. Even after 1000 full charge cycles these new batteries will still maintain 60% of their capacity. With these new Shimano STEPS additions, manufacturers now have the choice of 10 batteries with either rear carrier, external type or downtube-integrated positions and faster-charging 418Wh or 504Wh batteries or extended riding capacity 630Wh options.