If you want the definition of a rider who gives his all and want’s to pay it back, you can’t look any further than Dean Lucas.

Sam Purdie has pulled one inspiring piece together about Dean’s mentoring, and documents his work with Zac Bradley. Watch and get stoked. Plus read Dean’s reasons why below.

All my life I have grown up being surrounded by great mentors and teachers, from my extremely loving and supporting parents at the very start and continuing to this day, to my extended family, school teachers, team mates and many more amazing people young and old, all of these people have helped me see the way and how to navigate it properly.

I feel this is how you truly give back, you pay what you’ve been taught forward to the next generation or even in some cases to the generation before you, you’re never to young to teach nor too old to learn. I heard a thing the other day that really stuck with me “it’s good to learn from your mistakes, it’s even better to learn from someone else’s.” This is the whole point of becoming a mentor or teaching in my option, to show people the things you have gotten wrong and the lessons you have learnt from them, to cut the learning curve in half and let the person or people you’re teaching progress far past your own achievements. You want to become a stepping stone on the path that will lead them to their undeniable greatness in the future. You don’t want to be the person to over control or demand to much out of someone but instead lead my example while also giving the person a little push in the right direction, that little push will create momentum, once momentum is created in the right environment and mixed with a little belief it’s incredible what a person can achieve.

Belief is one of the most powerful thing you can give a person, especially from a younger age, to let the person know they can truly do anything and everything they set their mind to will set in motion a series of events that can be extraordinarily life change in all the right ways, it just takes a spark of belief to set that fire alight inside of you, once that’s done the possibility’s suddenly become endless. You find another gear, another 5% more that you didn’t even know you had until now, that’s all you need sometimes to separate yourself from the pack, to stand out from the crowd and be seen for who you are. Wanting to achieve something and knowing you can achieve something are two very different things, belief is what makes up the difference. It’s a powerful shift in mindset when people start to believe in you and you start to believe in yourself. Belief can’t be brought, traded or faked, it can only be build through a series of events, tasks and actions that show you that you are who you say you are and that others are believing in you for a reason.

I started believing in Zac not just before he was an incredible rider but for the way he carried himself in all aspects of life, how he was the first one to lend a hand, see if someone was alright, be humble, considerate and always up for a good laugh, these are the traits that get notices and that make people want to stick to you like magnets. I still couldn’t tell you who helps who more in these situation, his excitement and youth push me to better myself and have more fun and on the opposite end, my wisdom and experience pull him up, the perfect storm of progression on both ends, and a real sense of fulfilment in the process. I’m proud to see what started out as a joke (Dean Lucas Racing) years ago has help Will Pope, Ollie Davis and now Zac Bradley progress as riders and young men over the last few years, I couldn’t be happier and more excited to see where these kids continue to take their racing in Australia and around the world!

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Dean Lucas