Dean Lucas in search of CLARITY

Ever get sick of going through life not striving towards your true potential, not putting in 100% towards the things that give you true fulfilment, not putting your head down and blocking out all the unnecessary noise that life will constantly throw our way? Dean Lucas knows….

In whats one of the most beautifully shot Aus edits to date, Dean talks about his clarity, and rides with the speed and style that makes him so damn unique. And who doesn’t love bombin’ a high speed fire road. Here’s to an epic DH season ahead for Deanos!

“Clarity” was born out of not only the want to change but also the need to change, the need to stop and look at what you really want to get out of this life we are all given and how much we are willing to put in, put in for no one else but ourselves, put in to prove to that little voice in your head that they are right, you can be the things you aspire to be and you can bring others up in the process of doing that! I really hope you enjoy the film, and I hope we can all look back at this in a year’s time as the thing that set the wheels in motion to something much bigger. Enjoy! A little side note that makes this film even that little bit more special is the fact myself and Sam Purdie (Filmer) first met building this track from scratch a couple years earlier, since then we have put in god only knows how many hours to create something we are both extremely proud of, now to then film on it and combine his art of filming and my art of riding is quite a special thing.

Dean Lucas

Dean drops a special thanks to: Sam Purdie – Filming and editing   Riley Mathews – Filming & photos   Zac Bradly – Filming and track sweeper