Dean Lucas is one of the most creative and humble riders out there.

And as of late one of the more prolific in creating content that stands apart from the bulk of the youtube players. Hunting for nothing, his latest creation is world class. Watch and get stoked, and then read Deans process behind it…

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And we’re wishing him luck this UCI World Cup DH season!

It’s all about the hunt, the uncertainty of what’s lying around every corner we encounter in life, the feeling we get when we don’t know if it’s glory or defeat that’s suddenly going to spring up in our sight. The hunt is the feeling of a great unknown and it’s a feeling I think more if not all of us should fall deeply in love with. We get praised for our work once we have captured, killed, obtained, or conquered the thing we are hunting for, not for the hunt itself, the hunt is seen as a task to obtain the gold, not the gold itself.

The man who loves walking will walk further than the man who loves the destination. When you fall in love with the journey, everything else takes care of itself”

– Jonathan Byrd

Hunting For Nothing, just like Clarity was born out of an idea for change, change everything in my life in the hunt to fall in love with nothing more than the process, not focusing on an end goal but instead, the whole process that makes up my everyday life, the people, the places, the smells and the smiles, all the little things we take for granted yet fill our souls.

So that’s what I did, I packed up my life in the beautiful mountains of Bright, set off solo in my van up the east coast of Australia ready to surrender to what was to come my way. Now as much as I like to make everything look amazing on social media, there was a real fear I felt about leaving my family, friends, and support networks for the unknown, this notion sparked a lot of doubt within myself, was I doing the right thing? Or should I play it safe and do what I know? These questions of self-doubt can set fire to your instincts, destroying any dreams you may have. Luckily for me, in this case, I stuck to what I knew I needed to do.

Your instincts may lead you wrong, but they are the only thing that leads you right”

Once my intuition led me to my new home on the Gold Coast it was time to start hunting, time to start falling in love with a wide array of new and unknown things that I knew little to nothing about, to start from the bottom again and let the inner kid come back out to play, to explore and enlighten, to be slammed by waves and choked out by grown men, to be humbled during the day and inspired at night, I was ready to be curious again. I dove head first into things I knew nothing about and places I’d never been, surfing became my new favorite pastime, even though I wasn’t doing much surfing at the start, more paddling around trying not to get in anyone’s way or swallowed by waves. Ju-jitsu was next to fall into my routine, it made me realize how defenseless I really was to a trained black belt yet it also gave me so much respect for the art, there is so much beauty in the pain and struggle. I built a new community of friends at my gym and found myself a coach in Cameron Shean, he has pushed me down into many dark places that have shown me who I really am, and what I want out of this, it’s made me feel like I’m not in this alone and has set a fire under my ass to not let him or anyone else down. All these things sprinkled into my everyday life, and my core love of two wheels have made the Hunt a win. Every part of my life leading into this season has been nothing less than incredible, countless amazing moments, endless new friends, and the fire set alight back in my heart.

Hunting For Nothing is a message to everyone to enjoy the process and more importantly, enjoy right now. Enjoy the wind on your skin, the air in your lungs, and skip in your step. We only have right now, so don’t forget that when you’re on the hunt and have your eye set on a target ❤️