Jill Kintner v Chuckanut Mtn in Bellingham, WA (Spoiler, she’s fast AF!)

Jill Kintner is one of the most accomplished female mountain bikers in the history of the sport, having dominated in all gravity oriented disciplines.

From downhill to slalom to four-cross, and from BMX to pumptrack to enduro, she’s spent most of her racing career on top of podiums. With so much of Jill’s riding happening between the tape, when the pressure is on and the stakes are high, a good old-fashioned trail rip is a real treat—especially when it’s on her hometown trails of Bellingham, Washington.

Here’s what a rowdy backyard trail ride is like for Jill Kintner, from her point of view. Everyone interprets a trail differently, and while there’s no wrong way, there are certainly some more impressive ways. Perspective on Velocity from the crew at Freehub Mag aims to unravel the mysteries of speed, line choice and reaction that are unique to the best mountain bikers in the world.