Matt Staggs Visuals

Mount Sainte Anne Qualifying Gallery!

Well qualifying turned out to be a stunning day on the bike!

Eleven elite men, two elite women, and two junior men all into the finals it leaves team Australia looking strong. The clouds stayed at bay until the riding was all over but who knows what that will do to the track overnight. Thunderstorms are forecast for midday tomorrow so it’s anyone’s guess. Thanks to Matt Staggs putting in the hard yards on the hill, for the banger gallery and captions!

Qualifying Results Mens

1Aaron Gwin4:02.974
2Loïc Bruni4:04.491
3Greg Minnaar4:04.774
4Danny Hart4:05.887
5Luca Shaw4:06.759

Qualifying Results Womens

1Myriam Nicole4:45.426
2Tracey Hannah4:46.917
3Rachel Atherton4:48.792
4Tahnée Seagrave4:50.224
5Marine Caribou4:54.056