Peeking inside the treasure chest // GT ‘STS Lobo 1000 DH’ 1999

[R]: Ah yes, when GT went through that phase of experimenting with ‘thermoplastic’ frame tubes! Was it meant to be stronger than carbon or something like that?

I don’t think anyone really knew at the time. Harder yes, stronger maybe no. What let this bike down was the lugs. Most of those frames broke or cracked on the alloy lugs.

I remember seeing a Lobo for the very first time, Peaty was racing it, and he made the bike look absolutely tiny! Funny looking frame design, almost as if the rear end is longer than the front end, eh?

Yeah it is super small, mine is actually a small and when I sit on it I can’t beloved it’s actually a downhill bike. Peaty is a big guy and made the Large of this bike look tiny. The wheel base is super short on these.

What was unique about the ‘STS’ over the standard Lobo? 

Just the frame material. Otherwise it was the same design. STS being the Thermoplastic version and the 1000DH being the 6061 custom butted alloy. Both ran a proprietary rear brake system that saw the caliper mount to the hub and frame via a brake arm.

Do you remember how much travel this bike packs at each end?

6” front and rear I’m pretty sure. The GT nerds are going to crucify me if I get this wrong.

Loving that massive front ‘AC Components’ chainring, crank and chain devise – whatever happened to that brand we wonder?

Oh yeah, the holeshot ring. In my opinions the sexiest chainring of its time. Same with the guide. They were just trick.

I have no idea what happened to them. Maybe that can be in the next issue.. ‘The brands that used to be and what happened to them’

What is your favourite detail on or about this bike?

The suspension design, and again this was one of those bikes that was on the drool list from when I was a teenager and I’m sure many other folks. This in my opinions has to be up there for one of the most iconic DH bikes of all time.