Peeking inside the treasure chest // Scott ‘Octane DH’ (the one with two shocks) 1998

Tell us about the concept that Scott were running here with the 2 rear shocks?

The idea is that one controls compression, one controls rebound. Did it work? Haha, no not at all. The team almost immediately ditched the dual-shock setup and Rockshox made a custom BlackBox Super Deluxe for that frame.

How much travel did it put out?

I’ve never actually measured it but spec’s show 7.5 inches.

The colour scheme that this bike came out with looked so badass at the time. What are some of your favourite details about the Octane DH?

The dual shock setup has to be the winner here.

It’s wild and does not even work properly but was so crazy at the time and definitely helps add to the ‘wild design’ element of that era. It sure stood out that’s for sure!