Ride Every Day // Caroline’s Code

Caroline Buchanan has been busy reinventing herself…

The World Champion and Olympic BMX athlete has now set her sights on being a pioneer in women’s freeride, Caroline Buchanan has successfully cracked the code at being a decorated athlete in a second cycling career. Major injury and falling short of the 2020 Olympic team seemingly terminated Caroline’s bike career after a lifelong devotion to BMX racing. Not one to balk at a challenge, Caroline leans into her two-wheeled foundation to reinvent herself as a freeride mountain bike athlete.

What I love most about mtb is that it is full of passion. People are doing it for the right reasons

Caroline’s Code documents Caroline’s ability to transition from BMX to mountain biking. After completing the first women’s front flip, it’s clear that Carloline plans to cement herself as a freeride icon. Caroline’s journey is a testament to her competitive nature and eagerness to inspire more women, and men, to get on a bike as she opens the door to freeride.