Mavic (finally) unleash carbon in their MTB line-up

This is cool – Mavic have finally thrown their hat into the ‘carbon MTB wheel’ arena with the launch of their ‘XA Pro Carbon’ wheelset. Mavic had to work hard to ensure that the XA Pro Carbon’s were more laterally stiff than its aluminium all-mountain wheel, the Crossmax XL, but also more vertically compliant. Vertical compliance is achieved through rim shape, carbon type and layup schedule, as well as spoke material, tension and lacing pattern. The rims are hookless for a better bead seal, tyre profile and increased strength. The rims are also UST (tubeless ready) and measure a 26mm internal width (32mm external). This makes them the widest MTB rims Mavic has ever offered. Rim weight is a very respectable 380g (27.5) and 395g (29), and build up into 1,490g and 1,535g wheelsets respectively. The XA Carbon wheelsets will be available here in Australia in 135/142 and Boost versions. In fact, Mavic will be offering Boost options on many of their mountain bike wheels for 2017, however it is not possible to adapt a 135/142 to Boost or vice versa, as it requires a completely redesigned hub. Stay tuned to [R]evolution in coming months for more information about this promising new wheelset.