Trail Hooligan Sam Hill shreds his new Reactor

Sam Hill needs no introduction, but the style and quality of riding on his doorstep in Western Australia probably does.

Perth doesn’t have the huge mountain range that many would expect a World Downhill & Enduro champion to train in, but in the rolling hillside overlooking the Western Australia city of Perth is the back drop of every one of Sam’s Downhill & Enduro world Titles.

The hillsides are riddled with awesome trails carved into the red dirt and pea gravel many by Sam himself, and is the location for his education on his bikes. This is now the playground for his Reactor. Initially our new trail bike, The Reactor, was described by Sam as “The mistress to my Mega”. His Nukeproof Mega was designed to do the day job, 4 Enduro World Series Titles in 3 year is well proven of its calibre.

When going from point A to B in the fastest possible time on some of the most brutal trails in the world and back to the top to do it all over again it’s the best tool for his trade. But the new Nukeproof Reactor, well that’s designed a little different. Not all trails in the world are Enduro Stages and not all rides are races and sometimes you want to get wild on the trails or punch out that all day epic.

The Reactor is trail focused from the outset, with geometry and suspension kinematics designed to get a lot more out of a little less. It’s playful, strains at its lead and encourage you to find your limits. Every root, rock or lip instantly becomes a sender, it encourages you into every corner, flick the rear under braking, get your foot out as you lean it over and generally is a little hooligan of a trail bike. To celebrate the launch of the Nukeproof Reactor, it’s only right to hand over the bike to Sam for a rip. Earlier this year we sent an “elite team” out to Perth with Tommy C of Caldwell Visuals and Aussie Photographer Matt Staggs, our little minds were blown and we hope you enjoy Sam Hill and The Reactor.