YT Industries Australian connection // Pushys

Before we take a look at some of [R]evolution’s favourite models within the latest YT range let’s first update you with some significant news about the YT brand here in Oz.

Pushys recently signed an exclusive partnership deal with the German mega brand which will see their full range of bikes readily available here on our shores. Customers will no longer have to wait for their bike to be sent all the way from Europe. Now everything will be warehoused right here in Oz for fast turn arounds and an emphasis on customer service which will extend to a full range of spare parts as well as Australian based warranty and after sales support.

There is no denying that YT are producing some of the most lust worthy MTB’s on the planet right now and their direct to consumer philosophy allows their price points to be hard to go past. So, let’s now run through some of their key models which are available for purchase right now.


The newest model to be added into YT’s impressive line-up is a ‘fast and agile’ trail bike featuring 29” wheels, 130mm of rear travel and a lovely carbon frame.  One thing that is particularly interesting about the Izzo is that YT have gone with a ‘traditional four-bar linkage’ suspension design rather than the ‘Virtual Four-Link’ design seen on the Capra, Jeffsy and Tues. Pricing starts at $4799 for the Izzo Comp model, right the way through to $8399 for the Izzo Pro Race model.


YT’s quintessential all-mountain machine, Jeffsey is an efficient climber and a wickedly fun descender. This versatile bike is offered in both 29” and 27.5” versions, with 3 different spec levels in each wheelsize. And speaking of wheelsize the 29” packs 150mm of rear travel front and rear, whilst the 27.5” variant puts out 160mm of plushness at each end. All models of Jeffsey are centred around an ultra sexy carbon frame and there are a ton of different sizing options to suit riders of all heights. Dollars wise the party gets started at $5299 for the Jeffsey Comp model, all the way up to $8299 for the Pro Race model.


The Capra is YT’s ultra popular enduro machine. You’d be hard pressed trying to find a hardcore rider that wouldn’t be prepared to swap one of their kidneys, or probably even one of their kids, for a 2020 model Capra! Frame material wise YT’s offers the Capra in either a full alloy or full carbon version.  enduro beast is available with either a full alloy frame of full carbon frame and with a choice of either 27.5” or 29” wheels which offer 170 mm or 180 mm of travel respectively, allowing you to absolutely tear apart any trail that you put in front of it. Price kicks off at $4299 for the Capra Base ‘alloy’ and goes through to $8299 for the Pro Race ‘carbon’ model.


No stranger to a World Cup podium, the YT Tues is an extremely capable DH machine. This season the Tues is offered in ‘both’ wheel sizes. There are two aluminium-framed build options with 27.5in wheels and one carbon frame 27.5 build. The 29” wheel version is carbon-only and has two build options. The Tues also boast a whopping number of frame size options dependant on the wheelsize you select. Dollars wise things kick off at $4499 for the entry level alloy 27.5” and then goes all the way up to $8499 for the ‘Pro’ carbon build.


It’s awesome to see that YT have an awesome little hardtail in their line-up. If you are looking to get into riding pump tracks, skateparks or dirt jumps, the ‘Dirt Love’ is going to be right up your ally. We also dig that YT are so confident in their spec package for this bike that they only offer in the 1 spec choice. Dollars wise the Dirt Love will set you back $2499.