Peeking inside the treasure chest // Trek ‘Pro Issue DH’ 1998

[R]: It’s all about that MASSIVE downtube, right? Holy moly. Was this model prior or post the year that they cut all those holes out of one that Sharples raced? 

Yeah, she ain’t going to win any beauty pageants that’s for sure! I think this was post the Swiss Cheese version Sharples raced but I can’t be sure. That thing was crazy…

Hey so this bike is particularly rare we believe, eh?

Well I’ve heard numerous rumors that they only made like 500 production versions of this bike. I have never validated that statement, but they don’t come up for sale often and when they do they don’t hang around for long.

What is your favorite detail on or about this awesome blue rig?

For me it’s the split tone paint job. The drive side is blue and the none drive is white. That and the ridiculous downtube of course.

If my memory serves me correctly didn’t this model weigh roughly the same as a family sedan?

Oh she is a ‘bigun’ not sure on the exact weight to be honest but now I’m interested to know. Maybe a 1980’s Mini Cooper S weight… I’d say that’s about right.

Look at those brakes, it was all about Hayes for a few seasons there when discs really started to take over the race scene, right?

Yeah, it seemed that Hayes had figured it out. A bunch of brands and riders actually switched for sponsor equipment to ride these. Looking back now they are actually kinda shitty. They were on or off… no modulation whatsoever. The did however look rad in that Champagne color.